Matt Guindin

I am an opinionated engineer with interests in high-performance computing, automation, and robotics. My current interests involve MapReduce (using Hadoop and HBase for storage), streaming processing (with Storm), the Go programming language, and Scala.

I've spent a lot of my career programming in Java and PHP. Due to that, I'm trying to learn more effective programming habits (thanks, PHP) and avoid early onset carpal tunnel from coding with verbose dialects (I'm looking at you Java).

In my free time, I enjoy biking, photography, and gaming. I even enjoy programming after hours and am attempting to teach my girlfriend how to code (and will probably document the process). My terse musings can be found on twitter @rorschachex


Matthew Guindin

(/ˈmæθjuː ’gɪn.dɪn/)

The entire reason I set this up is to have the correct pronunciation of my surname posted. It's a point of both grief and pride and is the reason for this site's origin.